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  • Mobile : 0735 100 039

To me, Home is the North Star. My place on Earth to which everything else is relative to. Home is the total expression of my being. It’s where everything is good and safe. Where I find comfort and solitude when I need to or enjoy a great time with family and friends. Come visit! I’ll be happy to present you with your own North Star!


  • Mobile : 0735 100 039

Marketing and Research Analyst – “Home, such an overused term. Probably because everyone wants one. Not just a simply place to stay or live in, but a place to belong to, a place to connect with, a place to long for. I am delighted to present you with yours.”


Your Future Neighbours Are Saying

An excellent location, by the lake, in a quiet and very clean area of Sector 1, with immediate access to the commercial and transportation flow! Premium position, singular concept and above the routine of other developments. On the exterior, as well as at the interior we found high standards of quality. We, as a family, couldn’t be happier with our purchase, the perfect choice for us to call home.


Owner of a Duplex Apartment within NorthSide By The Lake

Absolutely superb! An oasis of serenity! High quality materials and workmanship! I definitely recommend!


Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide Garden

One of the most beautiful residential developments in Bucharest! I found how much effort they put on the future residents and their comfort, a blend of practical architecture and unique landscapes ! Very caring team, highly professional! Congratulations!


Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide By The Lake

The best place to live. It has an excellent park, right at the lake! The apartments are built with care and good materials. I love this place!


Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide Garden