NorthSide Park stands at the heart of the new and developing composition of Bucharest’s architecture. We knew from the beginning that we had to get this right, and we did that through using the best people, likeminded designers, construction teams and professionals who understand and cherish this project and what it means.

The entire process had to be collaborative from the very outset. As we found out, there is enormous value when every idea you produce is cross-examined and questioned by your partners. This led to outstanding results because nobody could get away with anything.

From an early stage, within the planning phase, the gardens and green spaces were a key driver. More than two thirds of the entire available land are dedicated to create a natural, leafy and biodiverse environment. This is unprecedented in a prime urban location like the one where NorthSide Park is developed. We like to think that there is no other developer that would give over so much land, so much valuable land.

Every building has great outlooks over either the garden or leafy trees and of corse the lake which ribbons itself on either side of the estate. Carefully built with finely crafted finishes and details, each of the three blocks boasts its individuality while retaining the same architectural language. We have worked very hard in order for NorthSide Park to exude the charm of a boutique development at a scale grand enough to create the perfect place a vibrant community can call Home.

The third episode in the NorthSide Park story, The Tower rises 11 floors comprising 84 apartments (20 two bedroom flats, 40 one bedroom flats, 20 studios, and 4 penthouses), underground parking for more than 90 cars, as well as individual storage facilities.

On the ground level, there will be a commercial gallery to serve residents of the entire development.

Complete details for NorthSide Tower

The first built, The Garden is also the smallest of the three. With only two levels dedicated to large 1 and 2 bedroom flats, The Garden has four duplex apartments with separate entrances and their own courtyard. The penthouses are also of note, with expansive proportions and very large rooftop gardens.

Complete details for NorthSide Garden

The latest completed is NorthSide By The Lake. Just like The Garden, it features duplex apartments with private gardens on the ground floor, two large penthouses with rooftop gardens and 1 or 2 bedroom flats (second to fourth floor). Underground there are 20 parking spaces and several storage boxes.

Complete details for NorthSide By The Lake

NorthSide Park is built within a beautiful green and leafy oasis, right at the center of urban life. Talking about enjoying both worlds, there couldn’t be a better place to do it.

Exceptional accessibility with public transport links right at your doorstep (metro 50m, bus 5m), while Sisești Road facilitates a quick drive to any part of the capital, as well as direct, decongested trip to and from Otopeni International Airport.

NorthSide Park address:
Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisești Road, no. 467, Sector 1, Bucharest 013822

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Your Future Neighbours Are Saying

An excellent location, by the lake, in a quiet and very clean area of Sector 1, with immediate access to the commercial and transportation flow! Premium position, singular concept and above the routine of other developments. On the exterior, as well as at the interior we found high standards of quality. We, as a family, couldn’t be happier with our purchase, the perfect choice for us to call home.

Florin Owner of a Duplex Apartment within NorthSide By The Lake 9 August 2017

Absolutely superb! An oasis of serenity! High quality materials and workmanship! I definitely

Cristina Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide Garden 9 August 2017

One of the most beautiful residential developments in Bucharest! I found how much effort they put on the future residents and their comfort, a blend of practical architecture and unique landscapes ! Very caring team, highly professional! Congratulations!

Sofia Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide By The Lake 28 August 2017

The best place to live. It has an excellent park, right at the lake! The apartments are built with care and good materials. I love this place!

Matei Owner of 1 Bedroom Flat within NorthSide Garden 28 August 2017

NorthSide Park